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Our Services


    Ace Group have been on the forefront of the E-Waste recycling industry for many years.
    Through our National and International Network we can organise the disposal of most IT Waste, aiming at diverting in the area of 98% from Landfill.
    Much has been made of the pollutants that exist in obsolete IT equipment. For example a CRT Monitor can contain up to 3Kg of Lead. This poses a serious health hazard if the Monitor is just dumped at a landfill, for the lead has the potential leach into the soil and contaminate.
    Initially the best way to dispose of equipment is to recycle back into "useful life" There are many groups, small business, schools and end uses that find great value left in second-hand equipment. As we re-use the equipment it becomes useful again right through its intended life span and beyond, which sometimes can be as much as 5 or 6 years later. So rather than equipment sitting in rooms where its useful value decreases daily, or dumped in landfills, it is better to get the equipment back into a situation of usefulness.


    • Collection of equipment nationwide

    • Disk wiping/storage device cleaning. A highly professional system.

    • Removal of identification of previous ownership.

    • Refurbishment of equipment (when requested)

    An important part of the decommissioning process is the removal of all sensitive data from hard drives or media that contains any sensitive data. To ensure integrity of this service we have, from time to time, engaged specialist forensic analysts to conduct internal auditing of our processes. On top of this a major International Corporate conducts monthly security audits on our facility and processes. Part of the audit involves randomly selecting equipment that has been security wiped and subjecting this equipment to a forensic program to try and recover data. This means our processing is constantly subject to scrutiny and has passed every time.