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Recycling Solution
After each unit is recorded into our database, any asset tags/labels are removed and data are destructed. Our technicians carefully remove any outer shell or packaging and places it in a corresponding storage unit that is identified by reused/resale parts and the recycling material e.g, plastic, glass, metal, etc..  Most of recycling material then shipped to local certified recyclers that specialize in turning recycled materials back into raw materials.

Nearly 90% of of all the materials we collect is recycled for future use.


  • Data Security
  • Ace Recycling Group data destruction service relies on best-of-breed drive wiping software and strong inventory management controls and our processes are certified. Your organization’s confidential or proprietary data is much too important to entrust to just any IT recycler. Do your due diligence and make certain your recycling vendor is providing your firm with every consideration when it comes to industry compliancy regarding data eradication and destruction.


Capacity Levels
Per month:

  • Thousands of items
  • Multiple sites
  • 500 Tons in each month